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traffic-light.jpg This traffic camera sees all (and that's a good thing) A thermal camera developed for autonomous cars can improve traffic lights in cities. Lidar, visual, acoustic, thermal: The battle of the sensors continues to rage among autonomous vehicle developers, and sensor development is pushing the technology forward while lowering prices and footprint. While the AV space is being watched closely, all that activity in the sensor market is opening new opportunities in adjacent spaces. A good illustration comes in the form of two new traffic management system cameras built on sensing architecture developed for the autonomous vehicle space. FLIR Systems , which makes thermal sensors for a variety of applications, including automotive, recently announced a smart thermal imaging traffic camera, along with a visible spectrum camera, both with artificial intelligence to optimize traffic flow on roadways and at intersections.  FLIR has been aggressive diversifying beyond the consumer automotive space. Last year,  I wrote about  FLIR's acquisition of  Endeavor Robotic Holdings , a military defense company specializing in ground robots, for a whopping $385 million. That acquisition came shortly after FLIR acquired aerial drone company  Aeryon  for $200 million, and just before the company announced it had made a strategic investment in  DroneBase , a global drone operations company that provides businesses access to one of the largest Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) pilot networks. Those acquisitions, like the smart traffic cameras, highlight an opportunistic strategy of identifying useful business cases for FLIR sensor deployments and moving aggressively into those spaces. Traffic sensing and optimizing relies on the same situational sensing capabilities used in autonomous driving, and FLIR is betting it can appeal to municipalities by offering to optimize traffic patterns and increase safety.

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The advertisements claim that “Obamacare” or “Trumpcare” coverage is available, and ask consumers to provide personal information to obtain a quote for such coverage.  These advertisements appear online, in mailings and on television, and seek to direct consumers to websites that are not operated by any federal or state health insurance marketplace. Once a consumer provides personal information to the advertiser, the consumer is bombarded with high-pressure calls to purchase a plan that frequently does not offer the benefits, protections, and financial help that consumers have the right to expect from their health insurance. “Consumers need to be aware of misleading advertisements about their health insurance options,” said Superintendent of Insurance Russell Toal. “If you are looking for comprehensive health insurance that covers the essential health benefits and pre-existing conditions, the best place to start is  or . Financial help that lowers your monthly premiums is available for most shoppers.” OSI is seeing an increase in these ads because it is the annual open enrollment period to purchase major medical insurance through New Mexico’s health insurance marketplace, . Superintendent Toal encourages consumers to work with a New Mexico licensed insurance agent, broker, or producer who has access to the full range of plan offerings on the state’s marketplace. “Many advertisements push consumers towards substandard coverage. These solicitors do not present all of the offerings that are found on  or .  Shoppers are strongly encouraged to look at all of the insurance options available on the marketplace before they make a final decision.” The open enrollment period for signing up for health insurance on  or  is happening right now and lasts until December 15. You can shop for and compare plans on the marketplace to find one that’s right for you. You also can apply for free or reduced-cost health insurance.